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Benefits of Oxygen Therapy

This articles discusses the benefits of Oxygen Therapy. It is written by Dr. Robert Jarmain of New York. Dr. Jarmain has been seen on Spanish Television for over 35 years, explaining the best ways to take care of your health. In particular, your health and neck and low back pain. Dr. Jarmain's clinic on Broadway and 172nd street has been in existence for over 30 years.

When we breathe in, oxygen enters the lungs and goes directly into the blood stream.  When lungs cannot transfer enough oxygen into the blood due to carbon monoxide poisoning, lung and heart disease, the body's ability to heal itself is greatly diminished.  As we age the body receives less oxygen.

Research has shown that Oxygen Therapy can be an effective way of treating the following conditions:

1)  Significantly reduces pain intensity in partients with myofacial pain.

2)  Increases blood circulation and creates new blood vessels.

3)  Increases white blood cells to kill bacteria, and boost bodies immune system and natural healing process.

4)  Increases circulation and metabolism.

5)  Eliminates damaging toxins within the body.

6)  Promotes fat loss.

7)  Stimulates brain cell activity.

8)  Reduces swelling within the body.

9)  Severly reduces Migraine and Cluster Headaches.

10)  Increases Heart and Lung function.

11)  Promotes healing in Stroke, Cerebral Palsy and Multiple Sclerosis.

12)  Activates the body's ability to repair itself.

13)  Improves vision and tinnities (ringing in the ears).

14)  Improves Heart and Lung disease.

15)  Significantly reduces Carbon Monoxide Poisining.

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