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How Can I Stay Young Forever?

This article is a summary of things you can do to help

People in our society are always looking for ways to stay youthful and healthy. Some of the primary areas they focus on are nutrition, exercise, and spinal health. “Why spinal health?” you may ask. Because back injury and degeneration is not like a hand or foot injury, it debilitates your entire body. Just ask someone who has had a back injury. You feel it with every movement. Recently degeneration has been directly linked to fixations of the spine in a study by to the University of Maryland and the highly acclaimed, peer reviewed Journal, JMPT 2004. Spinal Degeneration, thus leads to osteoarthritis, fracture of the spine, and premature aging of individuals.

How does chiropractic help this from not happening?

Chiropractic removes things called subluxations in your back, which are fixations of the spinal bones. These fixations if untreated lead to premature degeneration, according to research at Palmer College in Davenport, Iowa.

Well, unfortunately the answer to your question is you cannot stay young forever. However, only 10% of your nervous system can perceive pain. Just like people who have deadly cancer but have no pain, subluxation often occurs with no pain. So it is very important you or your loved one get a proper check up. Often with the proper check ups and care, the number of years that people can work and their quality of life in-creases. Remember, I would rather live to 70 with a full, exciting life than stay bed- ridden for 500 yrs.

This article was written by Dr. David Smaldone of New Paltz, NY.

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