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Innate Intelligence

Being healthy and reaching your genetic potential requires much, not the least of which is the lack of interference to your own Innate Intelligence. What is Innate and how does it affect your health? What is the chiropractor's role in this process?


            The human body is an amazing and amazingly intricate organism that is so complicated that no computer made by man could duplicate its structure, let alone its function.  There are trillions or more cells, each one with a job to do.  Its job is to do what needs to be done for the benefit of every other cell in the body.  And when all cells do their job you have balance, health, maximum human performance, in short, your genetic potential.  Let’s assume there are some 100 trillion cells in the body.  To put that into perspective if there are 7 billion people on Earth, it would take 15,000 planet Earths to give you the same number of people as we have cells in your body.  Now imagine a system whereby every one of these humans could communicate with every other at every moment so that they could all do what needs to be done for the greater good.  That would be some amazing cell phone service, wouldn’t it?  No dropped calls.

            Not only do we have that cell phone system in the human body, but we have the operating system to run it.  The phone system is the nervous system and the operating system is what chiropractors call Innate Intelligence.  Our creator imparted an intelligence within each of us who’s sole job is to read the ever changing internal and external environments and alter our cellular function on a moment to moment basis to maintain equilibrium, balance, or homeostasis.  When we are in balance, we are healthy, we can perform at our best, and our genetic potential is realized.  When we are out of balance, we are weak, we get sick, and ultimately, we die. 

            By definition, Innate Intelligence is perfect.  It needs no help to perform its moment to moment miracles, just no interference.  However, despite Innate’s perfection, it has to work with an imperfect thing, the human body.  We are made of physical matter, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, etc.  Matter is limited and subject to the continual attack of the forces of the universe such as time, wind, temperature, gravity, radiation, and chemistry.  That matter which makes up our body must return to its origin in time.  However, in the mean-time our Innate is molding and utilizing these same forces to counter the outside forces to maintain our balance.  It is a precarious edge that we sit upon, and for that reason constant vigilance must be applied. 

            What if, for example, there is interference to the Innate or the forces of Innate?  That’s simple, we will be out of balance resulting in malfunction, dis-ease, disease, and death.  How then, could there be interference to Innate?  To answer that question requires a short anatomy lesson.  Connecting these 100 trillion cells are the branches of the nervous system running from the brain, through the spinal cord, and out the peripheral nerves to the cells and back again.  The nerves bring information, commands, and nutrients from brain to cell, from cell to brain, and from cell to cell.  The brain is housed and protected by the bony skull.  The peripheral nerves in the body are well protected by their own insulation.  However, the very fragile nerves as they leave the spinal column are extremely sensitive to pressure from the slightest misalignment or spinal malfunction.  When you have this malfunction, what we call Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC) this is the point where there will be interference to Innate. 

            VSC is the result of past traumas, injuries, and what can be called VSC events.  A VSC event is anytime there is trauma, micro-trauma, or postural trauma to the spine.  When one thinks of childhood, there are literally thousands of the VSC events, from the birth process to the falls while learning to walk and run, to falls off slides, monkey bars, sports injuries, etc.  The list is as long as your memory of childhood.  Each event will cause inflammation and then scar tissue but most will be without symptoms.  Some of the scar tissue is left behind resulting in loss of function and misalignment, or VSC.  VSC is, therefore, a condition of childhood and grows in permanently by adulthood.  It is added to in adulthood by car accidents, repetitive jobs, and more injuries.  It is usually without symptoms until middle age.  And by then it has often progressed into degeneration, disc herniation, and spinal arthritis.  But it’s biggest tragedy is the damage to Innate.

            When Innate is blocked or impaired or prevented otherwise from performing it’s miracles, illness and loss of performance will always result.  Perhaps not today, but eventually.  What type of illness?  What performance?  Everyone you can think of.  Disease always results from the inability of the body to properly interpret the environment and change physiology to adapt successfully.  Ultimately it is the only cause of disease.  And therefore the only cure is for the body to regain that ability to bring itself back into homeostasis, balance, or equilibrium.  VSC plays the key role in this process. 

            Therefore, the chiropractor’s only job is to adjust the spine to do his or her best to correct VSC as much as possible to facilitate the ability of Innate to properly reach every cell in the body.  The younger the patient, the better the results.  The less time that VSC has been actively reducing the work of Innate the less permanent damage there can be. 

            In conclusion, chiropractic is a philosophy, a science, and an art.  It is the philosophy of Innate Intelligence, it is the science of the Vertebral Subluxation Complex, and the Art of the adjustment.  It is well said that nature needs not help, just no interference to allow the unfolding of her miracles.  Innate is a miracle, the body is miraculous, and genetic potential unfolds when there is no impedance to the work of the miracle over the miraculous.  This is health from the inside-out.  True health cannot be bought in a bottle or a capsule.  It cannot be obtained from the outside-in approach of modern or what is called crash medicine.  It is within you waiting to be let out, and the sooner the better.

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