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K-Laser Therapy is Drug Free, Surgery Free and Pain Free

K-Laser Therapy can be an effective method for treating pain. Most importantly, its drug free and surgery free. Lasers impact cellular function and stimulate the increase of ATP in order to decrease inflammation, pain and swelling.

Dr. Robert Jarmain is a chiropractor practing in New York City.  For years Dr. Jarmain  has been using laser technology to treat his patients.  Dr. Jarmain says, “No matter the age, body type, sport motivations, there is one thing that all of us have in common; we all want to feel good”.  Most importantly, chiropractic rehabilitation has been developing at a considerable pace most recently with the use of deep tissue laser therapy.

However, a funny thing happens according to Dr. Jarmain, “Patients overwhelmingly spread the word”.  Dr. Jarmain noticed early on that patients talked about how laser therapy, when added to their normal treatment, could truly eliminate their pain.

Lasers work by impacting cellular function.  Stimulated cell increase Adenosine Triphosphate Production (ATP), and dramatically reduce inflammation, pain and swelling.  Laser may be considered a “healing” process, as it quickly corrects compromised cellular function, allowing the body to heal itself.  This has been well documented with over 2,000 clinical studies stretching back 30 years.

Conditions have shown significant improvements using laser therapy, without the use of drugs or surgery include, but are not limited to, medial and lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow), patellar (knee), tendonitis, muscle strains, quads, hamstrings, forearm, shoulder, joint sprains (ankle and knee), carpal tunnel syndrome, severe neck, low back pain and fibromyalgia.

Dr. Jarmain says, “We’ve had tremendous success in our practice, when combining the DRX 9000 non-surgical decompression machine, which is extremely effective in the treatment for herniated, bulging discs stenosis and scoliosis, with our K-Laser therapy.


Please call (212)928-0900 for an appointment to see if this new technology can help you, or visit our web site at www.drjarmain.com for more information.

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